Lemont Indians Youth Lacrosse organization. Our focus is on teaching children the game of lacrosse for local U9, U11, U13 and U15 LAX athletes

Lemont Indians Youth Lacrosse. GO INDIANS!

Our focus is on having a positive impact on our player's development by using lacrosse to learn life lessons.

2020 Kickoff Meeting Notes

Thanks to all who made it Sunday night.  There will be one more opportunity to try on and order equipment and uniform rentals, Sunday 1/26 at the Lemont Core, from 7-7:30PM.  After that we will place our final order for uniforms and close up registration.

If you only want to order Lemont Indians branded socks for $10 and don't need anything else, please email Laura Smith with the size.  The socks are purely optional.

XS: 5-12 Children's, S: 12.5-5 Children's, M: 4.5-8.5 Men's, L: 8.5-12 Men's, XL: 12-15 Men's

Our one real "travel" tournament in Washington/Peoria, is on May 16th-17th.  Please book your hotel as soon as possible.  Washinton has a deal with Peoria hotels that can be accessed at the bottom of the following link, though it usually requires a two night stay.  The Embassy Suites tends to be the most popular location for Indians families.


Also, the Washington Invitational is the one tournament that goes by age instead of grade.  If your child is a grade younger than their birthdate would indicate, please let us know, or talk to your coach once the season starts.

If you haven't paid your account(registration, uniform and/or rental) by the first game in April, your child will not play.  This has always been a rule though we haven't always enforced it.  (If you have concerns, please contact us, if you haven't done so already)  We will be sure to let you know if this applies to your player.

This year, both Minors(5th and 6th) and Majors(7th and 8th) we will not be organized solely on grade, but instead will have an A and a B team.  We are the only organization not doing this, and have determined there are many reasons this is better for the players.  That being said, it will probably split up some players that were together in the past, and there is always some controversy.  The teams won't be determined until late March, but we ask that you please work with us and understand there will be some difficulties.

Two last changes that won't come into play until April, and will be communicated further at that time:

1)  Bambrick Park is being completely overhauled this year.  Instead, most teams will play at Park Districk fields, with the Majors playing at Covington.  The fields may be a little smaller, but this is a great way to let the community see Lacrosse in action.  Plus, there will be fewer speed bumps.

2)  The IBLA game schedule will be finished mid-to-late March.  These games will NOT be put onto our website calendar, but instead on the IBLA website.  We will send out a link and details on how to access it.  So our website will have all our practices, outside tournaments like the Washington Invitational and LAX 500, and general events like the Gelsosomo's fundraiser and picture day.  IBLA games and the year end tournament will be on the IBLA website.  

Both of these last two points will be detailed in later emails.  The IBLA games will be sent out as soon as they are scheduled.


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2020 Registration is Open!

The Lemont Indians Youth Lacrosse plays over the spring season, starting in March and going through the first week in June.  New players are welcome at every age level.

To join, click on the Register Now button on the right and select either the regular Registration(3rd-8th graders, $350) or Minis Registration(1st-2nd graders, $295).  Registration will stay open through January 18th, unless a team reaches capacity.  Note that as part of the registration process, you will also need to register with U.S. Lacrosse, which is $25.

If you have any questions, please contact Ryan Scoville at lemontindiansyouth@gmail.com

                                            Season Overview 

January 12th- Kickoff Q&A and Uniform/Rental Sizing - 6:30PM at the Lemont Core

January 18th - Registration Closes  (teams may close before this date by reaching capacity)

March Practices - Indoor practices at the MegaPlex, Wednesday and Friday nights

April/May/June Practices - T/Th night for 1st-4th grade, T/W/Th night for 5th-8th grade

IBLA Games - 8 IBLA Regular Season Games, usually on weekends

Three Tournaments:

    - LAX500 at Joliet Speedway, dates TBD

    - Washington IL Invitational May 16th - 17th, www.washingtonlacrosseclub.com/tournament/

    - End of Season IBLA Championships - Chicagoland area, June 6th-7th

We look forward to another exciting season.

Go Indians!

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Majors Gold win their IBLA Chapionship

by posted 06/09/2019
Minors Blue win the Washington Invitational

by posted 05/20/2019
Majors Blue win the Washington Invitational

by posted 05/20/2019
Mini Blues win the Washington Invitational

by posted 05/20/2019
Majors are #EllieStrong

by posted 03/08/2019


Lemont Minors Gold are Tower Tournament Champions

by Master Admin posted 06/03/2018

We have added a new page to the website that allows you to put some of your old equipment up for sale for other Lemont Indians players. Please click on the “More” button and then click on “Used Equipment Sales” and you will see the page. This is in a test phase and we’d love your feedback. Please don’t sell jerseys online as there will be no way for us to control whether or not we have duplicate numbers on the same team. Please make sure that you upload a clear photo and that the equipment that you are trying to sell is clean and in good condition. Please note that the Lemont Indians Youth Lacrosse organization does not endorse any postings and that any agreement to sell and buy items is 100% between the buyer and seller.

We hope this is a useful new function.

Thanks and GO INDIANS!

by posted 03/13/2016
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